98% of Afghans are suffering: Gallup poll  

A year after the Taliban took over, almost the entire population of Afghanistan (98 percent of those surveyed) say they are “suffering,” while only two percent say they are “struggling.” No one chose the third option, “thriving,” in the results

Controlling Afghanistan by controlling bodies

The people of Afghanistan have now lived under the gender apartheid of the Taliban for 456 days. In each day that passed, control of women and their bodies have been central to the Taliban’s way

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Learning as a weapon in the war for survival

By Sakina Rezaei  As she was tidying the room’s closet, she saw the entrance exam preparation booklet and remembered that the questions in the history section were half-finished. She immediately started answering the questions with full enthusiasm. Soon, she remembered

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Black is the only colour

By Azada Joya      More than a year has passed since darkness cast a shadow over the university. Since then, I have suffered from severe

Hijab as a Political Issue

By Sarkash  Women’s dress, especially the hijab, is a concept that Islamic societies have long struggled with. Today, it is more a political matter rather