Taliban and Pauperization

Pauperization (noun): the process of making a person or group very poor   (Oxford Languages) This is the second time that the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, and not surprisingly, its people are once again facing

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Kabul is now a masculine city

By Siyahmuy Afzali  During the last 17 months, my wandering soul has not found peace. My city — my Kabul — has become a purgatory

They annihilated my best friends

By Soheyla  As hope was blossoming in our hearts, the dark shadow of the Taliban regime arrived. The pain of losing Mahsa, Zahra, Habiba, Latifah,

My paintings and I have emerged from war

Interviewer: Zahra Mousawi  Interviewee: Shamsia Hassani     Shamsia Hassani embodies everything the Taliban hate. She’s a woman, an artist whose graffiti murals were created on walls and buildings so they could be seen by the public. If that wasn’t enough, the

Hijab as a Political Issue

By Sarkash  Women’s dress, especially the hijab, is a concept that Islamic societies have long struggled with. Today, it is more a political matter rather

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