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Zan Times is an independent, non-profit news organization on a mission to empower women journalists in Afghanistan. “Zan” means woman and Zan Times is our way of resisting oppression and speaking truth to power. We are here to tell our stories the way we experience them.

In light of the Taliban’s systematic exclusion of women from public life, we aim to spotlight the stories of Afghanistan’s marginalized populations. We do this through the work of our courageous journalists in Afghanistan, who are mostly women. As of today, more than 50 per cent of our entire team is female.

Our stories may be sad, traumatic, and soul-crushing, but they are essential to keeping the world informed about human rights violations in Afghanistan. The production cost is high — our brave team members risk their lives to bring attention to the situation of women under the Taliban. Without their courage and commitment to truth, it would be impossible to understand what is happening to the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan.

We started Zan Times with our personal savings, hoping to receive the support we need to continue our work. But it is difficult to continue without sustained financial support, whether it’s a one-time gift or a monthly subscription.

We know our work is important and we must continue — that’s why we are asking for your help to keep women journalists on the ground. Every cent you donate counts and makes our work possible.

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