Taliban gunman fatally shoots a child in Ghor

A five-year-old child was shot dead by a Taliban gunman on Thursday, November 24, residents in Ghor province tell ZanTimes. The child died in Firoz Koh, the provincial capital.  

One resident who asked not to be named says that the incident happened when the Taliban gunman was cleaning his gun.   

The boy was killed while playing with friends at a neighbour’s house, the local source explains.  

Another resident who confirmed the fatal killing said that the bullet hit the child’s forehead.  

Being a child in Afghanistan is increasingly dangerous. Kids who scavenge for metal to help support their families can be maimed or killed when they disturb abandoned landmines or other explosives that are plentiful after decades of war. In addition, as family incomes plummet due to a worsening economy, child malnutrition cases in Afghanistan have shot up by 47 percent in the first nine months of 2022, says Save the Children in a report that was released at the end of October. It tracked the number of “dangerously malnourished children admitted to Save the Children’s mobile health clinics” between January and September. At the start of 2022, the aid charity admitted 2,500 malnourished children a month for treatment at 57 clinics; in September, that number had shot up to 4,270 at 66 clinics, according to the report.