Student protests against attack on Kaaj education centre spreads to Balkh province

A group of women and girls took to the streets of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest against the terrorist attack on the Kaaj education centre. They chanted, “Stop genocide,” “Education is our right,” “Down with discrimination,” and “Security is our right,” during a march that started in front of Sangcharaki square.  

One of the participants who asks not to be named tells Zan Times, “We had planned to stage a demonstration in front of Balkh university, but it met the Taliban’s repression, and therefore, we started the demonstration from Sangcharaki square in the downtown.”  

He says that a large number of students wanted to participate in the demonstration, but the Taliban locked the doors of the dormitory, forcing those girls inside to miss the demonstration. Videos shared on social media show female students breaking locks on the dormitory.  

Another demonstrator, who also asked that Zan Times withhold her identity says that the Taliban used violence to confine many of the demonstrators in the directorate of water supply.   

The terrorist attack on the Kaaj education centre in western Kabul has ignited student protests in Kabul, Herat, Bamyan, and now in Balkh.  

The demonstrators demanded a stop to the mass murder of Hazaras as well as protection for all citizens.  

According to the latest UNAMA figures, 53 people were killed and 110 were injured in the attack on the education centre on Friday. Of the dead, 46 are young women.