A young woman killed her fiancé with a knife

A young woman killed her fiancé with the help of another man on October 1 in Police District 3 of Farah city in Farah province.  

 The engaged couple had gone on a date in a park behind the Farah provincial hospital when the man was murdered, a hospital employee tells Zan Times.  

According to the employee, when the body of the 25-years-old man was brought to the hospital, his throat had been slit. 

A security source in Farah, who didn’t want his name used, explains that the man was killed by his fiancée and another man with whom she was having a romantic relationship. The source says that the woman, between 20- and 25-years-old, “did not want to marry her fiancé, so she killed him.” 

 While Badri Farahi, the spokesman of the Taliban Police in Farah, announced the arrest of two people who are accused of killing a man, the source says the two are the young woman and her romantic partner. 

In a phone conversation with Zan Times, Farahi confirmed the incident, saying that a young man and woman are in custody. He also claims that the detainees have confessed to their crimes in the initial investigation. 

Violence, mental and psychological pressure on women plus a lack of legal and institutional support, and the impunity of femicides have resulted rise in cases of women resorting to murdering their abusive men.   

As well, violence against women is said to have increased after the Taliban dismantled all legal, and institutional support for victims and survivors of domestic violence. The Taliban have dismantled the ministry of women’s affairs and the Independent Human Rights Commission, thus wiping out systems that tracked and helped women dealing with violence, including the shelter system.  




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