Women students at a Kabul University protested the targeted killing of Hazaras

On Saturday, hundreds of students protested on the campus of the University of Education against a succession of terror attacks, including the targeted killing of Hazaras, and demanded that the perpetrators be found and punished.  

They were protesting yesterday’s suicide attack at the Kaaj educational centre in western Kabul, in which at least 35 people were killed, and more than 80 students were wounded.  

The protesters pleaded with the international community to pay attention to the plight of the people in Afghanistan. 

With the slogans “Death to the enemy of knowledge,” “Justice and security is our right,” “Education is our right,” and “We are all united,”, they asked all Afghans living inside and outside the country to stand with the Hazara students, who are under constant attack. 

One of the university students who participated in the protest, tells Zan Times, “How long will the killing, explosions, and suicide attacks last? Why is the world only watching the blood of Afghans?” 

She adds that all students want justice and a stop to the targeted killings of the Hazara people. “Targeted attacks in western Kabul and the murder of young people who are devoted to knowledge is a profound tragedy that cannot be compensated. The closure of schools and the lowering of the quality of the curriculum in schools and universities reflect that,” she says. 

At the same time as the university protest, a group of women and girls staged a demonstration in front of Muhammad Ali Jinnah Hospital in western Kabul to condemn the suicide attack on the Kaaj educational centre. This march was also stopped and suppressed by the Taliban.  

The Taliban also tried to stop journalists from reporting on the demonstrations and violence.